What We Do


What We Do

At Guardian Garage, we are a community-driven organization of Veterans and First Responders dedicated to supporting Veterans and First Responders in their journey towards healing and resilience.

We Understand the lasting impact that Trauma can have on these individuals, and we believe in providing them with a lifelong way to manage and cope with their stress, through the art of classic and collectables restoration. Through our unique approach we offer a safe and supportive environment where participants can find solace and purpose in restoring something old and broken, channeling their emotions into meaningful projects.

By engaging in our process, participants find a renewed sense of purpose, regain a sense of control, and develop new skills. Guardian Garage serves as a catalyst for personal growth and empowerment, fostering camaraderie and connections among participants, while ultimately helping them reclaim their lives and find joy in the journey of restoration.

How we do it

Guardian Garage is comprised of team members all of whom are either First Responders or Combat Veterans. We provide the tools, supplies, projects and mentorship all onsite and at no cost to the participant. Our program involves a variety of disciplines, Metalworking and fabrication, Woodworking, Upholstery, as well as many other artistic venues. We are constantly adding to our shop capabilities. We will be adding a forge for knifemaking, ceramics, Pinstriping and airbrushing to name a few.

Participants have an opportunity to work on shop supplied projects from our stockpile of donated items or can bring their own project that fits our guidelines. Our focus is not on how long it takes or how perfect it looks, it is about the journey. We work in teams or individually, depending on the participants comfort. The family dynamic is always part of the process.