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Welcome to the story of Guardian Garage, a place where restoration goes beyond cars. It all began in February 2021 when brothers Craig and Rob Lewis embarked on a mission close to their hearts. With a shared history deeply rooted in service, their journey speaks of resilience, family legacy, and a profound dedication to those who have sacrificed.

Craig, after dedicating 24 years to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, transitioned into a new chapter as a Special Investigator for a Fortune 500 company. Rob’s path led him through 12 years in the Army, including deployment during the first Gulf War. As a disabled Veteran, Rob later explored the world of commercial HVAC sales. Both brothers reached the rank of Sergeant in their respective services, a testament to their unwavering commitment.

Their story is interwoven with a strong military tradition spanning generations. The Lewis family’s connection to service runs deep, from Grandfather to Father, and now to their own children. With a legacy spanning four generations, the Lewis family embodies a spirit of duty and honor.

Raised in Omaha, NE, the brothers grew up around automobiles, thanks to their father’s auto parts dealership. Racing, in all its forms, became a cherished bond. From drag race cars to stock cars, their weekends were immersed in the world of speed and competition. Craig’s journey into restoring classic cars began at just 15, marked by the revival of a 1946 Chevy Pickup.

However, their story isn’t just about cars; it’s about empathy for the struggles of first responders and veterans. Having experienced the effects of PTSD firsthand, Craig and Rob understand the importance of healing and community. Both having children with disabilities from their service, the brothers were driven by a shared purpose to give back.

Craig’s law enforcement career exposed him to critical incidents that lingered, pushing him to find solace in working with his hands. Restoration became his refuge, a way to channel creativity and solve problems. From furniture to pop machines and cars, Craig breathed new life into forgotten objects, finding both accomplishment and escape. Rob’s journey mirrored this path, using vehicles and motorcycles to combat his own PTSD, finding peace in the process.

Guardian Garage emerged as a sanctuary for First Responders and Veterans, a place to mend both people and machines. Whether grappling with PTSD or other injuries, this haven offers a safe space for projects to unfold. Whether it’s a personal venture or a collaborative effort with the Garage, veterans find solace in creation and restoration. Equipped with tools, a secure environment, and room to breathe, Guardian Garage is where healing begins.

The team at Guardian Garage comprises active and retired First Responders and Combat Veterans, a family united by their mission. With shared experiences and an unbreakable bond, their commitment to making a positive impact is resolute. Collaborating with clinicians nationwide and partnering with various First Responder and Military Charities, Guardian Garage is a haven of healing and support.

Join us in celebrating the journey of Guardian Garage, where cars are more than metal – they’re a means to restore lives and ignite hope.

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