Dan’s 1968 Firebird

1968 Pontiac Firebird

This project belongs to a Combat Military Veteran. Dan served in the Marine Corps. and deployed in Afghanistan. He was injured in the line of duty. Dan’s wife found us online and reached out. They had purchased this as a project for Dan who was home with their daughter as a way to be productive but he never got out there to get going on it and needed a bit of guidance. When Dan first came out to Garage with his wife for a visit he was very guarded and suspicious. Within a short time he understood we all shared similar experiences and backgrounds and he grew more at ease. Dan is now a big part of the Garage working on his project and everyone else. he even is building tools and equipment for his home planned home shop. 

Things done and to be done on the Firebird so he can enjoy causing with his family and attending car events:

Fix Suspension

Tune and adjust engine

Correct oil pressure issues

Remove aftermarket electronics inside 

Remove electronic door poppers and reinstall factory door handles

Fix interior issues

Keep an eye on this project it is a beautiful car!