1946 Dodge Panel Truck

This truck was donated to us by WD Fabrication in Peoria. The truck was a consigned build by a customer out of Colorado who provided the body and wanted it mounted to a 2005 Dodge Durango. The WD team disassembled the body and began by cutting out the floors, roof panel and much of the rust. It sat for several years after the customer decided it was too big and expensive an undertaking and eventually abandoned it to the shop. They donated the body and parts they had along with a 2005 Durango frame and drivetrain. We will be building this as a shop truck and it will stay with the Garage. We have participants from Military, Fire and Detention working on it.

There are many missing parts and many cut out panels that we don’t have patterns for. This will be a modified truck with parts from wherever we can make fit and some made from scratch. Lots of metal work involved and the team of participants working on it has no prior experience with welding, cutting or bending. So far they are doing an excellent Job.

The project will be long term as work progresses when the team feels like working it and other projects don’t distract from it.

This is an ongoing project check back for updates.